Hello World, I'm a graphic designer. My commercial experience spans across fields of both print and digital-only design. From "alternative" illustration and conceptual design, to branding and visual identity…

I currently work freelance. CV-ish information can be found in my LinkedIn profile, or upon requst.

I'm pretty fluent (for a reason…) in Polish, Danish and English - spoken and written, if that matters. I'm also open for collaborations and pro bono publico / community work (and that does matter).

Feel free to get in touch: doriandenes@gmail.com


Like many others, I believe, that 'less is more'. Bearing that in mind: in most cases in this portfolio I have deliberately chosen not to use any visual aids, such as mockups or 'real life' presentation... It might have an effect in commercial use, but this is a purely sellective portoflio.

I want the work to speak for itself with no extra help or additional visual tricks – I think it's more honest this way.