Hello World, I'm a graphic designer. My commercial experience spans across fields of both print and digital-only design. From "alternative" illustration and conceptual design, to branding and visual identity…

I currently work freelance. CV-ish information can be found in my LinkedIn profile.

I'm pretty fluent (for a reason…) in Polish, Danish and English - spoken and written, and I'm lefthanded, if that matters. I'm also open for collaborations and pro bono publico / community work - and that matters.

Get in touch: doriandenes@gmail.com


Like many others, I believe, that 'less is more'. Bearing that in mind, in this portfolio, I have deliberately chosen not to use any visual aids, such as 3D simulations or photos imitating 'real life' situations... It might have positive impact when presenting designs directly to the Client, but in this case, the conceptual/purist approach is more important to me.

I want the work to speak for itself with no extra help – I think it's more honest this way.